Jim Deveney

Jim Deveney was a life-long golfer who came to Somax at age 65 to improve his flexibility for golf.

Although Jim was aware from an early age that he had posture problems, he never thought that they were caused by microfibers in the connective tissue and tension in the muscles. He never imagined that his Somax program would be able to reverse a life-long problem such as his.

Here are his before and after photos. You can clearly see that, at age 65, Jim has increased his height.

Naturally, this also improved his posture at address. Here are his before and after photos with his driver.

Here is what Jim had to say:

Not everyone can get a New Body at age 65.

I did! Although I was attracted originally to the Somax Program for golf I found the whole experience to be far greater than I had anticipated.

My poor posture of 65 years improved dramatically as did my flexibility. I first became aware of my posture in my teens. My Mom said 'stand up straight'. I carried a book on my head, one of many drills I did to improve my posture. The book, of course, fell off. Didn't help my posture at all. Standing up with my back against the wall was another drill. I tried it a number of times, but it did not improve my posture in the least.

When I was 16 I was carrying golf bags as a summer job. The caddie master said 'stand up straight' 'stop slouching over the bag'. It didn't help, either.

My fraternity brothers in college nicknamed me the Tortoise, or 'Tort', because when I played hockey I bent over a lot, with my head stuck out of the uniform with large shoulder pads. The nickname stayed with me my whole life—until Somax.

Now my nickname is 'Too Tall Tort'. My friends notice I am now standing much straighter and taller.

In addition to visibly better posture, I am a better low handicap player now than I was before I started the program. My distance has increased and I am hitting more greens in regulation. The changes in my body experienced through Microfiber Reduction and the whole Somax program have made a drastic improvement in my whole life, altering it much for the better.

The program has exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their golf and quality of life.