375-Yard Golf Workout—No Weights!



The Somax Power Hip Trainer ( http://www.swing-speed.com ) enabled David Huertas to increase his drives from 290 to 375 by increasing the strength and speed of his hip rotation during his downswing. In this remarkable video, you will see his unique workout where he is able to get his hips up to Mach speed—24 turns in just 10 seconds.

Unlike lifting weights, the Power Hip Trainer does not tear muscle fibers, and therefore does not create any scar tissue or stiffness. In addition, an hour-long workout provides aerobic exercise to strengthen the heart and help lose weight.

Every golfer has a hidden, built-in speed multiplier that multiplies any increase in hip speed 25 times at the club head. This multiplier is the ratio of the distance of the hips to the center of the body (3") to the distance of the club head to the center of the body (75").

The Power Hip Trainer is the only aerobic exercise machine that takes advantage of this built-in speed multiplier. Golfers who have trained on the Somax Power Hip Trainer have added more than 25 mph to their swing speed.