Arnold Palmer Backswing Analysis: Measuring in Slow Motion Pro Golf's Most Efficient Swing



Arnold Palmer's golf swing is the most efficient of all pros measured by Somax for club head speed. In this instruction video, we measure his Range (how many degrees he turns away from the ball on his backswing), the first of five measurable swing efficiency components (Range, Sequence, Separation, Speed and Alignment) and explain why Range determines distance in golf. We also show a modern golfer who increased his average drive from 290 to 350 after he increased his flexibility and Range measurements.

As we will show in later videos, restricting Range does not improve accuracy as accuracy is determined by Alignment.

Restricting Range increases stress on the body by demanding greater torque during the downswing. This leads to lower back and shoulder injuries in golfers, as these muscles have to be overused to make up for the lack of Range.

The best golf swing lesson or golf tip for any golfer is a measured analysis of Arnold Palmer's swing mechanics.