Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Analysis at US Open—Part II


Dustin Johnson's game fell apart on the last day of the 2010 Open. Our Somax ( http://www.the-efficient-golfer.com ) analysis finds that the problem was in his spine, and not in his mind. Measurement of the change in his Spine Angle during his swing showed a jump from 113% on Saturday to a high of 154% on Sunday, causing him to miss shots. Winner McDowell, by comparison, changed his Spine Angle by only 17%.

The US Open this year was won by Alignment—not by talent. Els, Mickelson and Woods changed their alignment by 131%, 363% and 58% respectively. The most talented golfers in the world were beaten by better Alignment.

Changing your Alignment, or axis of rotation, during your swing makes it very difficult to win major tournaments—no matter how talented you are.

So—before you blame your MIND, measure your SPINE.

Part One of our analysis concentrates on Dustin's Range (good), Sequence (poor), Separation (non-existent) and Speed (OK). Part Two examines his Alignment (OMG).