Tennis player doubles flexibility with Microfiber Reduction


Tennis player and teaching pro Rich Conti was amazed to see his internal hip rotation double with just an hour of Microfiber Reduction ( after years of stretching had no effect on his hip flexibility at all.

Microfiber Reduction improves flexibility 100-600% beyond what stretching can do by releasing microfibers (mild scar tissue) that have formed in the connective tissue between the muscles as a result of impacts (hockey, football, baseball, etc.) and over use (running, lifting weights). Since you can’t stretch out scar tissue, athletes with microfibers find that stretching does not improve their flexibility. This is why Microfiber Reduction improves flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do.

Microfibers accumulate over time, which is why athletes lose flexibility as they get older. Microfiber Reduction is the only way to reverse age-related stiffness.

In addition to improving his flexibility, Microfiber Reduction also helped Rich increase his forehand racquet speed 20 mph.