Golfer Increases Flexibility 33% beyond Stretching in One Hour with Microfiber Reduction


Eddie Huang needed to increase his flexibility for golf. Since stretching did not help, he tried the Somax Microfiber Reduction program ( He was amazed to see his internal hip rotation improve 33% in less than an hour. Later in the video, he talks about how he lost flexibility from lifting weights, a car accident and playing soccer as a kid. The result was he increased his swing speed, his distance and control off the tee, and improved his putting. He felt less tense and enjoyed playing golf more.

Microfiber Reduction improves flexibility beyond stretching by releasing microfibers, a mild form of scar tissue that develops between the connective tissue surrounding the muscles as a result of injury (sports impacts, falls, auto accidents), overuse (running, lifting weights), illness (bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic colds, allergies) and stress.