Louis Oosthuizen Golf Swing Analysis | Slow-Motion Part I


Using our special RSSSA analysis ( http://www.TEG-book.com ) to measure his swing mechanics, we found that Oosthuizen won the British Open because he had the best Alignment in the field. Alignment is responsible for accuracy, and Oosthuizen hit 85% of his fairways. Unfortunately, his Sequence and Separation suggest he won't be a consistent winner on the PGA tour. We also measured Lee Westwood and Paul Casey, and found that their restricted backswings did not help their accuracy.

We contrast their swings with one of our golfers who is the same size as Oosthuizen but drives the ball 45 yards longer because of a more efficient swing and the use of our Power Hip Trainer ( http://www.swing-speed.com ) to increase the strength and speed of his hips.

Our analysis is in two parts. This is part one.