Karate Kick Speed Increased 10 MPH in 7 Minutes with Somax Power Hip Trainer


The Somax Power Hip Trainer ( http://www.swing-speed.com/karate ) is the only karate trainer that can increase kick speed 10 MPH in just 7 minutes. The 10:1 ratio between the hips and feet means that any increase in hip speed will be multiplied 10X at the foot.

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is 50 lbs. of commercial-grade rugged steel with baked-on black enamel finish for years of use. It includes a DVD with 26 drills for right and left hand use. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on parts.

This is the essential karate and martial arts training equipment for lessons, instruction and sparring preparation for those 17 and older.