Tiger's Neck Injury = Scoring Woes


Tiger Woods has been adamant that his neck injury from his auto accident 'has nothing to do' with his scoring woes.

Tiger should talk to Tom Watson. We did. At the 1987 Open at the Olympic Club, we noticed Watson's neck was stiff while he was walking the course. In the locker room, he told us that he was rear-ended in 1984 and his neck was still stiff. Watson was winless for three years after his neck injury. Watson declined our offer of Microfiber Reduction to restore his neck flexibility, and has never recovered his former greatness.

We subsequently did release microfibers in the neck of a tour player with an old neck injury, who then improved his putting average from #113 to #1 on tour and set a new PGA putting record. Golfers at our facility in Tiburon, CA routinely improve 20-foot putts from 1/4 to 4/4, 8/8 and up to 12/12 after we release microfibers in their neck and upper back.