Somax performance specialists have discovered that the keys to efficient performance in baseball are early hip rotation in batting, and extraordinary hip flexibility in pitching and base running.

Since 1970 we have been carefully analyzing frame-by-frame videotapes of top players. We have discovered that each player excels in the parts of the game where he has the greatest flexibility and earliest hip rotation.


If you compare the top ten pitchers and baserunners in baseball, you can see that they have as much as 50% more flexibility in their hips than the bottom ten, regardless of age. Two pitchers with the greatest hip flexibility we have measured are Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver, both when they were in their 40's. You can order an article from us that shows you how to measure your flexibility for baseball.


Power in batting is generated by early hip rotation. The best and most consistent batters rotate their hips the earliest. Power in pitching comes from the rotation of the hips as well.

Our Programs

We work with amateur baseball players in individual programs on pitching, batting or baserunning. Our individual programs are 30-120 hours for each activity, and can be completed in as little as 5-20 days. For professional ball players, we have a four-year program, with additional Microfiber Reduction and motion analysis.

We improve baseball performance through videotape motion analysis and Microfiber Reduction , which improves flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do.

Our pitchers have increased their pitch speed from 88 to 92 mph.

Our batters have increased their long ball from 400 to 480 feet.

Our base runners have increased their stolen bases from 14 for 15 to 32 for 33.

Clients and Testimonials

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